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The AllWorld agenda is not to push a particular methodology. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, science, art, and high quality collaborative relationships are leveraged to create a new path with and for each client. Because the only agenda is striving to help you reach or maintain excellence and well-being in the most effective and ethical ways, I also actively seek the best referrals when a client need emerges that is outside of my range of competencies. Think: a Yale graduated psychiatrist who is also a seasoned triathlete and can speak fluently with international clients in five languages.

*Descriptions of collaboration with individual clients represent a blend of previous clients to safeguard confidentiality.

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Enhanced performance
Collaborated with a golfer to help improve his all-around game (e.g., enhanced accuracy off the tee, faster mental recovery from poor shots, greater confidence on and better “reads” of greens). Worked together away from the course and during play.
Improved team cohesion
Generated a team version of a “performance profile” using member experiences and facilitated strategies and exercises to help create the desired team dynamics for performance and enjoyment goals.
Team conflict resolution
Aired concerns between two cliques and mediated an agreed upon strategy to move forward utilizing previous work with the group.
Life skill development for youth 
Helped child-athletes identify their motives for playing sport, make healthy life choices based on those motives, and develop sportsmanship based on how they like to be treated, using a developmentally appropriate survey, a custom made survey, and extensive discussion.
Improved consistency
Collaborated to identify factors sabotaging a tennis client’s serve consistency and implemented a tailored strategy that enhanced serve consistency, especially under pressure.
Greater enjoyment and satisfaction
Helped identify a major source of competitive anxiety for a teenaged client as parental pressure (not simply “fear of failure”) and aided her ability to communicate more effectively with her parents, heal a sense of “bad performer equals bad person,” and learn to enjoy her sport more.
Enhanced coaching effectiveness
Discussed the concept of coaching personalities, in addition to bodies, and collaborated to identify and optimize specific patterns of coach-athlete interactions. In addition to the individual coach, recently presented to over 60 youth coaches on communication, instruction, discipline, parental concerns, and more, specific to the youth sport environment.
Optimized transition out of sport
Helped identify and validate an athlete’s desire to leave a sport, and, then, collaborated to assist the athlete depart “intact” and with a post-sport action plan.
Organizational empowerment
Collaborated with a company’s regional leadership to implement a wellness strategy that would preclude the need for my ongoing involvement.
Reduced employee anxiety & hostility 
Trained company wellness representatives to integrate a well researched mindfulness exercise for reducing employee anxiety and hostility (in addition to helping mild to moderate depression, increasing immune functioning, and enhancing mental clarity and performance) into an existing wellness program.
Increased employee wellness & safety 
Increased employee wellness & safety: Intervened in a warehouse-like workplace using a theoretical model based on research that has demonstrated reduced stress and enhanced social ties can reduce the likelihood of physical injury.

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Melbourne International Tennis School (Australia) 
Provided a full range of sport psychology services, from performance enhancement to dynamic therapy, to 11 - 17 year old junior elite tennis players from Australia, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. Attended practices twice a week as well as occasional tournaments.
Home Depot Wellness Reps 
Collaborated with metropolitan area reps, in conjunction with a nationwide program, to provide information about the numerous health benefits (e.g., reduced blood pressure, reduced injury vulnerability, enhanced immunity, enhanced mood) of mindfulness meditation, to practice a mindfulness exercise, and to discuss integrating the curriculum into the area-wide employee wellness program.
Junior Elite Diver 
Collaborated to reduce fears and general performance anxiety through weekly office meetings, mp3-based exercises for her ipod, and my integration into practices alongside coaches.
St. Louis Triathlon Club 
Collaborated with club members, from “first timers” to age-group elites, to enhance performance and enjoyment. Generated a “performance profile” contrasting precursors to optimal and suboptimal performances using member experiences and responded to needs in real time with skill building exercises.
USA Hockey Coaching Education Clinic
Presented in an interactive, conversational style on short notice to a large group of coaches to address their interests in a brief period, on the complex topic of youth-specific coaching (e.g., how to handle overinvolved parents, how to build a positive team culture).  
Mid-level Gymnast 
After building rapport and earning trust, the gymnast quickly shifted his initial concerns about improving performance to an underlying desire to leave the sport. We validated his feelings, explored post-gymnastic interests, and developed an exit plan that boosted his self-esteem.
Mindfulness Meditation Group
Over two years of collaboration for enhanced physical health and emotional wellness (all members), for autoimmunity and coping (e.g., for two cancer survivors), and for performance enhancement (e.g., for an ultramarathon runner, a medical doctor, an attorney, three computer programmers) in a weekly, group format.
Senior Executive 
Collaborated to enhance general well-being, to improve sleep, and to complement his therapy with a psychologist through a tailored, private meditation course.
St. Louis Summer Figuring Skating Camp 
Two half-day sessions to support and enhance the participants’ (1) handling of performance anxiety, (2) team cohesiveness, (3) use of these skills outside of sport (e.g., in school), and (4) readiness to learn from on-ice instruction.
NCAA National Hockey Championship Y.E.S. Program
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Khadevis Robinson - 2004 U.S. Olympic Team member &
8x and current National Champion, 800m (track), speaker & coach

St. Louis Science Center
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Ozzie Smith's Sports Academy
(Referral resource & more TBA)
(MP3 – based sport psychology plans coming soon!)

Tim Bradley - Coach, Big River Running & St. Louis University
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Velocity Sports Performance
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