Because you’re visiting this site, you probably realize improvement tends to be accelerated in the right company, as opposed to the wrong company or in isolation.

Click on the client tabs (athletes, coaches, parents, performing artists, entrepreneurs and execs) to see how sport and performance psychology collaboration may benefit you.

While we often begin with basic athletic, artistic, or business goals, we commonly discover improvement occurring in other areas of life. The growth and skills internalized in collaboration may continue to enrich a client’s life years, even decades, after we’ve concluded. No doubt, in my history of collaboration, I’ve found the reflection, insights, and exercises with clients also enhancing my choices, enriching my relationships, and “bringing me along.”


As part of the AllWorld commitment to continually seek the best ways to serve clients, I, too, regularly communicate with my team of
mentors, supervisors (e.g., a thought-leading professor in the training of sport psychologists), tech experts, designers (e.g., the creator of the Budweiser font), sport scientists (e.g., a fitness director for a naval aircraft carrier), entrepreneurs (e.g., an NIH-funded medical device inventor),  and wonderfully talented peers, in the field of sport psychology and beyond, to actively widen and deepen my understanding and skills. Think: personally recorded mp3 files and CD’s, innovative methods, webinars and webconferencing, a beautiful and comfortable executive suite, integration into practices and meetings, remote support, and much more. Because the only agenda is striving to help you reach or maintain excellence and well-being in the most effective and ethical ways, I also actively seek the best referrals when a client need emerges that is outside of my range of competencies. Think: a Yale graduated psychiatrist who is also a seasoned triathlete and can speak fluently with international clients in five languages.

Please feel free to kick around the tires, offer feedback on how the site might better serve visitors, or save time by contacting me directly to discuss how we may best leverage the aforementioned resources to enhance your (or your team or group’s) performance and well-being.
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