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Highly successful athletes, coaches, artists, entrepreneurs & executives tend to think & act differently than most people...
And yet, perhaps understated, we also find them to be similar in many, often surprising, ways too. As principal and founder of AllWorld Performance, LLC, I collaborate, research, write, and speak in the areas of performance, well-being, and sport and performance psychology. (Scroll down for continually updated AllWorld headlines).

The purpose of this site is to provide immediate benefits (a) to your desires for excellence and well-being, (b) to your speaking needs, and (c) to media needs for information and commentary about athletic, artistic, and executive performance and well-being and about sport and performance psychology (see the summary of each website section below). You can navigate to any of the three AllWorld sections (Enhancement, Speaking, Media) by clicking on the orange color bar tabs from any page. For ongoing benefits and alerts, please join the:

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The only agenda of AllWorld Performance is striving to help you reach or maintain excellence and well-being, during and beyond our collaboration, in the most effective and ethical ways. This agenda includes helping you to leave your sport, art, or venture in a gratifying way if that is one of your goals. In the Enhancement section, you will find:
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A tailor-made speaking engagement can be a great way to inform, instruct, motivate, and entertain a group about enhanced performance and well-being. You may find a substantial advantage working with a speaker whose platform can be derived from their expertise and practice, particularly in the depth and quality of the speech content and the ability to respond to the immediate concerns and to the unforeseen questions of the audience. You’ll find considerations about developing an effective speech, content ideas, and my background information (i.e., from my training and clients to my experiences in Australia, North Africa, London, and the Caribbean) in the Speaking section.


Media collaboration (i.e., print, radio, and television) is a priority for the lay discussion, clarification, and dissemination of information regarding performance, well-being, and sport and performance psychology. I’m happy to adapt my language and style, whether in interviews, articles, tailored “tip” lists, or write-in or call-in Q&A segments, to the technical level and specific interests of your audience. Please contact me for access to the Media section. Resource-rich press kits (e.g., ready-to-use quotes, ready-to-use photos) are available for three areas:
Sports, health & fitness
Performing art
Entrepreneurship, executive business
Thank you so much for visiting. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly for further information, to offer feedback, or to discuss how we may collaborate.
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