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| YOU |

Do you need a speaker for a training program, meeting, retreat, or conference?

The core of AllWorld services is striving to improve client conditions in meaningful and lasting ways. How would you like your choice of speakers to enhance yourself and your audience? Here are a few common responses:
Make a 360 degree impression with a novel hire
Be able to demonstrate ROI/fair value exchange
Be engaged or even have audience involvement
Learn insights into performance and well-being
Increase performance, not just motivation
Feel acknowledged
Have informal discussion afterwards
Leave with new, immediately usable skills
AllWorld.Speaking is part of the AllWorld Performance commitment to international availability and to the ongoing, borderless search for the most effective ways to enhance performance and well-being. Objectives accomplished in workshops may be achieved in well planned speaking experiences, too. By working with speakers whose platforms can be derived from their expertise and practice, this possibility may be enhanced, particularly through the depth and quality of the speech content and the ability to respond to the immediate concerns and to the unforeseen questions of the audience.

| US |

Like the development of an AllWorld workshop, developing a speech begins with understanding your specific short- and long-term goals, interests, and circumstances:
What would you like to accomplish with the speech?
What is the context (e.g., a retreat, a conference)?
What are the demo- & psycho-graphics of the audience?
How can we best package (e.g., language, media) the message?
Would you like me to speak with or survey attendees in advance?
We discuss these points and more to strive to meet your needs and the needs of the audience through a tailored experience.

My graduate education, research, writing, and professional practice have been in sport and performance psychology. I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with people from a variety of athletic, artistic, and professional backgrounds to help enhance their performance and well-being. I’ve also had the privilege to learn from some of the finest minds in the field and beyond and have intriguing stories from the South Pacific to London to North Africa to illustrate a variety of points (see the Speaking Profile page). Sometimes the best stories to use are those of your group; just as business, athletic, and artistic performances do not occur in a vacuum, your goals, interests, and circumstances will help determine the experiences, relationships, and research that will make the best storytelling.*


For more specific information about recent collaboration and other speech worthy themes, please checkout my portfolio of recent client benefits (see the Examples | Partners page in the “Enhancement” section) in addition to the Speaking Profile page. For convenient alerts and ongoing benefits (e.g., tips, research findings, surveys, event alerts, and more), be sure to join the AllWorld.Newsletter (email) and the AllWorld.ActionWire (text message). Additionally, articles and books may offer an alternative way to open dialogue with your peers and to help identify speaking interests and potential benefits, too (see the Reading Lists page in the “Enhancement” section).

Speech development does not occur in a vacuum; save time by contacting me directly to identify relevant topics and to discuss how we may influence your audience.

Here a few questions to ask yourself, regardless if we have a good fit and work together:
How may a great, purposeful speech affect me? Affect my audience?
What may influence be worth in the short- and long-term?
Is funding available now that will disappear if not used?
What may be considered a good return on this investment?
May there be a particular duration to the benefits in contrast to the initial costs?

* Portch, S. (1999). The toughest teaching: Capturing attention, sketching pictures,
and touching humanity. Quest, 51, 94-101.
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