Many people have helped me stay afloat and develop as a person. I’m thankful for all I’ve learned from family, friends, professors, mentors, and clients. In my opinion, there are very few, if any, exclusively “self-made” successes so philanthropy, for me, is really just about helping each other along when a fair value exchange is unaffordable.

Because philanthropy is so important to me, I typically research which individual and organizational needs optimally suit my skill sets and resources. My goal is to maximize the short- and long-term value (see “recent client benefits” on the Examples | Partners page) I can contribute, which requires some strategizing. Call or email me, though, if you feel we might make a good match.

Here are a few of the organizations I’ve recently contributed value to:

Children’s Miracle Network
(Donation & auctioned AllWorld services)

St. Louis Science Center
(Fee-exempt public lecture & Omnimax Wired to Win promotion)

*School Children in Belize
(Donated printer, desk, satchel, and clothes)

Moun Pou Moun Haiti
(Fee-exempt AllWorld services and organizational strategizing;
MPM Haiti website, blog and Facebook page)

Wireless Amber Alerts - Eyes & Ears Project
(Member; So simple, sign-up here)

*Note: Religious organization name omitted. Clients must be able to have uncensored, confidential discussion with me about all pertinent aspects of their lives including, potentially, religious beliefs. My role is to support such trust by ensuring a nonjudgmental and therapeutic relationship; my personal beliefs aren’t a secret, but I also don’t want potential clients to feel I’m pushing my worldview.
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