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For a successful engagement, we seek to understand your specific speaking needs, your audience’s interests and background, and the optimal packaging of the message in dialogue with my background.*

I greatly enjoy speaking with groups of all sizes and have a variety of experiences that may enable me to meet your needs. Because of my research, writing, and professional practice, I may be able to offer additional depth and quality to speeches regarding performance and well-being. For example, why stop at motivation when we can add useful information and skills, from personal experiences to academic findings, to influence and develop your audience, too?

I may be able to draw upon collaboration with a variety of clientele (see the Examples | Partners page in the “Enhancement” section for examples), academic literature and popular publications (including my own), and a breadth and depth of personal experiences (e.g., training for and completing the toughest Half-Ironman triathlon course in the world, St. Croix 70.3, selling all my furniture to book a flight to Australia for study under a top supervisor, doing dangerous research in North Africa for a book) in the service of a good speech.

My past speaking experiences have ranged from formal to conversational, in the U.S. and abroad. In Australia, for example, I presented twice at the Australian Institute of Sport (one of the most elite Olympic training facilities in the world) to clinical psychologists, sport psychologists, and students. My experiences include a variety of workshops and lectures given to teams (e.g., junior elite ice skaters), classes (e.g., Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia), and organizations (e.g., Home Depot wellness reps, NCAA Youth Education through Sports). Topics have ranged from sensitive and unacknowledged (e.g., homophobia in sport) to hot and vogue (e.g., in-house employee stress reduction and health improvement). Settings have ranged from professional conferences to simple meeting rooms.

If you come from an athletic, performing art, or business background, you can find much more information about my collaboration in each of those areas in the Enhancement section. You will also find detailed information about my collaboration-specific training and activities on the About Joe Mannion, MS page in the “Enhancement” section. Feel free to view my resume (3 pages; updated July 2013) or Curriculum Vitae (13 pages; updated August 2013) for more comprehensive details, including current university teaching responsibilities.

Again, what matters most to maximize the value for your audience is how we tie these experiences and information into your audience’s frame of reference, how we make it relevant, understood, and entertaining. Speech development doesn’t occur in a vacuum so I encourage you to contact me directly to determine how we may collaborate to accomplish your specific objectives.
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* Portch, S. (1999). The toughest teaching: Capturing attention, sketching pictures, and touching humanity. Quest, 51, 94-101.
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